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PVC inflatable boat fenders  
Polyurethane floating fender is also kind of compressewd fender which builds our
protective layer with polyure materials and adopts polyurethane foaming material
plastic foaming as buffer medium: The destructice effects on dock and ships will be
reduced by the copression to absorb the impact energy from ships in the course of
using pourethane floating fender.Itis a new kind synthetic polymer whose performance has both asvantages of plastic and rubber :The high strength of plastic and good
elasticity of rubber.
F series yacht fender:
This kind of inflatable fender with a reinforced moulded eye at each end. Suitable for vertical or horizontal use, they are ideal for leisure motorboats, yachts and work boats.
1,good raw material.
2,color and design can be customized.  
3,high quality.
4,long usage life.
5,color and size: various for chose,or customized.
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